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A global network of Christian men working together to develop sexual integrity & healthy intimacy.

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Why a Mighty Men Network?

Because we all need connection

Connection with God. In spite of the guilt and shame you might be feeling right now as a result of your ongoing struggle with sexual temptation and sexual sin, God stands alone as your greatest ally and most reliable guide. But how do you re-connect? What does it take to restore your relationship with Him? 

Connection with a trusted mentor. A trusted mentor is like a "sherpa guide." Someone who's been there and has the knowledge, experience and motivation to guide you on your journey to freedom.

Connection with a safe community. God never meant for you to journey alone. That's why you need to connect with a community of like-hearted men. Men like you with a deep interest in solving the same problem. Men with the courage to do whatever it takes to get well. 

Mighty Men is a people, not a program

Based on decades of my own personal experience and 15 years of helping others in full-time ministry in this area, what you need more than another recovery program or weekend intensive promising a quick fix is connection with others like you. 

Like-hearted men who are on a similar journey of their own. Who face the same kinds of struggles that you do. And who understand better than most what you really need. 

You don't need another program, you need people. 

Safe, supportive, understanding, encouraging, like-hearted people willing to walk this out with you. 

From our experienced mentors to our trained group leaders and rank-and-file members, our deeply shared interest and common goal is to experience freedom from sexual sin and sexual addiction so we can live free as men of sexual integrity.

You need an army of Mighty Men

You need an army of men you can count on. You need your own Mighty Men, and to be a Mighty Men for someone who needs the same in their won life.

In order to achieve this shared goal of freedom from sexual sin, we provide a variety of tools and resources both online and off. As a BraveHearts Mighty Man, you'll have access to:

  1. Mighty Men Network - our own private social network where you can learn, connect, and share your deep interests with others like you.
  2. Mighty Men Group Mentoring - my weekly, fee-based, interactive video mentoring groups I lead where members gather for sexual integrity discipleship training.
  3. Mighty Men Live Q&A - my monthly online, video-based group discussion and Q&A where you get your burning questions answered.
  4. Private 1-on-1 Mentoring - with myself or any of a number of BraveHearts Certified Mentors who I've personally trained.

And there's a lot more to come soon, including premium courses, more premium groups, and live video meetings integrated and hosted right inside our network.

Want to be free? Join Mighty Men now!

So if you struggle with sexual temptation and sexual sin, this community is for you. Whether it's on an infrequent basis, or it's become a compulsive, addictive habit like I once struggled with, you'll find the tools and resources and support you need to live in freedom every day. 

I invite you to join me and our Mighty Men today. The cost to join this members only private network is less than $10/mo, and you can start and stop at any time. So what are you waiting for? 

Watch this brief tutorial first if you'd like to sign up and want to protect your identity by using a pseudonym for a member name instead of your real name. We want you to know that this is a SAFE PLACE to get help and give help. 

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